The Five Best Cities for Studying Abroad in Canada

Do You Want To Study Abroad in Canada?

Studying abroad in Canada offers memorable cultural and educational opportunities. Choose one of these areas for your study abroad program.

Students who study abroad in Canada find a nearly unrivalled cosmopolitan melting pot. But study in Canada may surprise you; it offers diversity of peoples, climates, and opportunities.


Come to Toronto for a lovely campus with proximity to Lake Ontario. Toronto is the most populous Canadian city, so there is sure to be something for every taste, and quality programs in nearly every field of study.


Ottawa is Canada’s capital city and has one of the youngest average populations, making it a fun and vibrant atmosphere for students of any nation.


For a bilingual study abroad program, Montreal has plenty to offer. The city is centred on an island in the Saint Lawrence River. It offers a little taste of Europe with the most restaurants per capita in Canada, and is the second largest French speaking city in the world after Paris, France. Each year it hosts over 18,000 foreign students from 150 different countries.


British Columbia offers milder temperatures than almost anywhere else in Canada due to its Pacific coastline. The natural beauty of Victoria combined with the balmy climate provides nearly endless opportunities for outdoor adventures and communing with nature.


Alberta is considered by many to be the happy medium of Canadian climate differences. Edmonton is a centre for performing arts, and draws an eclectic mix of talented people.