Studying in the US: Where to even start?

If you’ve considered going to school in the United States, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed about how difficult and complex the process of choosing, applying, and getting accepted into your choice schools is. So, let’s demystify the process together, and answer your question: How to study in the US? – The first step is universal, having a general idea of what you want to study will help you narrow down your options. Once you get there, it’s a good practice to divide schools by geographical area, as these usually have similar application requirements, and can also inform your decision in terms of the lifestyle you’d like to have. In preparation to apply for any school in the US, it’s a good idea to take the necessary tests (SAT, TOEFL) early on, so in case you wish to improve your scores you would have time.

Now the fun begins, make a list of all the application requirements for all schools: you’ll find many redundancies, so you could in practice start with a general application, and then a tailor it to each individual school you want to apply to.

But, happens after you apply? – Well, while you wait for all your acceptance letters it is time to start making some pros & cons list that will help you narrow down your choices in order to find your ideal school. Some considerations are weather, size of campus, student clubs, post-graduation job placement statistics, elective courses available, demographic composition of student body, research facilities, academic papers published by the Faculty of your major’s department, and student facilities in campus. And one last thing: starting early with the application process can increase your chances of acceptance, so it is a good idea to plan ahead.