What your risk management courses at university didn’t teach you

Risk management is one course that guarantees a real paycheck after graduating. Risk management professionals are relevant in every industry. After all, every industry has to deal with risk in many forms like financial, operational, and personal. Also, they could have their risk management firm look out for risk for their clients. Hence, once looking out for taking a degree in Risk Management you should choose the college very carefully. This is the starting point, and you would not want to learn an old syllabus. There are many options all over the world for Risk Management courses. You just have to be pragmatic while choosing.

shutterstock_74087128Take an evening course at Gurunanak college

You can take risk management course while working. There are evening colleges which teach risk management. One of the colleges which teach risk management is Gurunanak college in Delhi the capital city of India. You just have to log into gurunanakcollege.in to find options for the courses you want to take. There is the area of ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), FRM (Financial Risk Management) and ORM (Operational Risk Management) to name a few of the courses. It consists of 50 hours of classroom teaching and 20 hours of e-learning, which is becoming a very attractive option today. The courses are very much affordable. So, just go for it.

What to learn in a risk management course

What is risky today might be just daily routine in two months from now. That is what is called changing environment. Getting a degree is just one step in the right direction. At college, they will teach you how to manage the risks at an enterprise or while operating a business. However, there are many other things you can learn only by practical exposure. To learn these skills, you need to pay attention not only to theory but also the hands-on training that is given to it. The internship of one week is the most important part, where you learn what they do not teach at the college.